Marlon Wayans Woke-Ish Review

woke-ish review

Being a huge fan of Marlon Wayans throughout his career and even having the honour of interviewing him for Haunted House. I was keen to check out this Netflix stand-up original. At the ripe ol age of 45 Marlon still puts his heart, soul and his body into getting the most ludicrous reactions from any situation. You only have to watch Naked, Haunted House or any old Wayans comedy to know this.

Marlon has a beautiful way of injecting his own personality through his performances. It’s never an act, it’s genuine, it’s crazy, it’s Marlon and myself as an audience member wouldn’t have it any other way.

woke-ish review

From a wide variety of subjects including slavery, Donald Trump and the gay community. Wayans takes these sensitive subjects and brings everybody together with his comedy. I always feel that’s what so amazing about people coming together from all races, backgrounds and cultures and sharing in one thing together as a community. The joy of laughter, happiness and feeling good.

Marlon is a very active comedian. His actions emote his comedy much more effectively. Incorporating a stool on stage in a sex-act reminiscent of some classic Kevin Hart stand-up and bitch slapping his microphone during part of the routine. Marlon goes one step further and jumps down into the audience hugging two white women and a white man as he riffs off a joke about OJ Simpson.

Woke-Ish is a brilliant show. I’ve seen everything that Marlon has been a part of since the day White Chicks was released, from his hit TV show Marlon, to Naked, to Haunted House 1 and 2. You know what you’re getting and he delivers each and everytime. Marlon also references some of his old characters from films he’s been in and I thought this was a nice touch for those who may not be familiar with his most recent material. It’s safe to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience and here I was laughing out loud, no fucks given who was around me. I was having a good time!

I can count on my hand the number of times a joke felt over-played but this didn’t matter. The core material was solid and just seeing his passion and enthusiasm for bringing a smile to peoples faces is admirable. Marlon can switch from comedy to serious topics in an instant. When talking about his own family, when talking about Barack Obama and a handful of other subjects you can be drawn into sadness one minute. Your guard is down and then BAM. You’re bitchslapped with a line that flaws you when you’re defences are down. Now you’re sitting there wondering if those tears that just trickled down your face were sad ones or happy ones.

Woke-Ish is one hell of a show. Take a bow Marlon.

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