Michael Aloisi Interview – UNMASKED

kanehodderunmaskedbookA friend of mine over in the states was given the opportunity to write a book based on the life of famous stuntman/Actor Kane Hodder, most famous for playing Jason in Friday the 13th parts 7,8,9,X.

So Michael went ahead and wrote the book UNMASKED, a compelling story of how Kane rose to fame, from doing stunts out in his back yard to getting his first gig, meeting famous people along the way, along with the tragic story about the burn that nearly ended his life.

An inspiring story for anyone who is chasing their dreams. I sat down with Mike via Skype as we talk about the book and an upcoming web series with Kane called The Killer and I.  Enjoy !

Michael Quoted this after our interview –

“Most online interviewers are horrible. You were really prepared, kept it going and you were professional”

Thanks Buddy !