More Than Human

524047_540773435945522_889932959_n“More Than Human” is an action/drama/sci-fi series about 5 teenagers who gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum.  This brings them into conflict with a government scientist and 3 beings from an alternate dimension.

A nod to TV series such as Smallville, Teen Titans and Heroes this web series looks be something extremely special, that instant feeling you get when you see the graphics and the campaign layout shows that a lot of time and effort has gone into this project already and the donations are proof of this. This 30 day campaign has hit over $2000 worth of donations already with 28 days to go ! that is an unbelievable feat and with the ground work put in place the only way is up!

From working on over 80 independent titles over the last 2 years I can safely say I have every faith in the world this will get funded, I personally don’t usually get hooked into the whole sales pitch but this one has got me hook, line and sinker !

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