More Twists than a Pretzel. Fear, Inc Review

Fear, inc review

Fear, Inc is a blend of comedy and horror that revolves around the character of Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) a man obsessed with horror movies and always wants to be scared. Fed up of haunted houses and spooky locations Joe is met by a mystery man who hands him a card for a company called Fear, Inc. A custom tailor scare company that goes above and beyond to bring your nightmares to life. What Joe thinks is initially a game suddenly turns more sinister than he can ever imagine.

Whilst I’ve seen horrible reviews for this movie I went in with an open mind. The film is very self-aware, it knows it’s almost a horror movie spoofing various other films and driving our protagonist Joe through all the emotions of re-enacting some of his favourite horror movie scene kills. We have nods and winks to The Shining, Saw, Friday the 13th, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street and funnily enough even Game of Thrones appears (I can’t see to escape that show lately). Horror audiences will have a blast trying to guess which films pop up where and which scene is influenced by a popular genre horror movie. It’s a game in itself and it keeps the film flowing and Joe is quite a funny character so no matter what is happening on the screen there is always light-hearted humour as we always question if what is happening is real or just a very elaborate game.

Fear, inc review

Best friend Ben (Chris Marquette) and his wife (Stephanie Drake) warn Joe and his wealthy girlfriend Lindsay (Caitlin Stasey) about the dangers of Fear, Inc. Knowing people that have tried the service before who have never been the same. Joe not being phased by this warning takes it upon himself to give the company a ring and so begins the terror. A home invasion occurs as masked beings start recreating iconic kills from Joe’s favourite movies but are it still a game? The film constantly twists and turns more times than a pretzel and even by the end scene we still don’t know which direction the film will twist towards.

Joe is the embodiment of the horror loving audience. Forever predicting what happens next in a typical horror movie and always questioning himself if what is happening is real or not. Whilst the film didn’t really lean towards the hard horror side of things for me I still enjoyed watching it if only for the references and the suspense in questioning what exactly will happen next.

Fear, inc review

The ending had me a little puzzled as the film fell down a plothole deeper than Samara’s well but other than that you may be disappointed if you wanted all-out horror but as far as the horror, comedy blend goes. It’s ok, I didn’t hate it, nor did I love it. I loved the idea of a custom scares company that reminded me of the crazy shit the guys at McKamey Manor get up to. If it’s half as bad as the stuff that Fear, Inc got up to then I’ll probably stay far, far away.

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