Movies With Misleading Titles

You walk into a store and glance across the shelves of all the latest movie releases, both Blu Ray and DVD releases. New releases, old releases, remastered versions. But what if you don’t know a damn thing about movies? What if you choose a film purely based off its title but when you get home it’s absolutely nothing like the film you thought you chose?

We take a look at Movies with Misleading Titles

Movies with Misleading Titles

Silence of the Lambs

A film about a cannibalistic serial killer called Hannibal Lecter isn’t something you’d exactly associate with a silent lamb. What’s even worse is that there isn’t a lamb in the entire movie! Maybe Hannibal eat all the lambs? Maybe all of the film’s crew were in fact lambs that were silent behind the camera. Who knows.

The Karate Kid Remake

Movies with Misleading Titles

So you know the Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan who teaches Jaden Smith how to fight. The fact is, Jackie Chan is a Chinese man who never teaches Jaden’s character the Japanese art of Karate throughout the entire movie. He actually teaches him Chinese kung-fu. Awkward.


Movies with Misleading Titles

So anytime I see three X’s I’m expecting baby sitters, pizza boy scenarios, funky 80’s porn music and a whole lot more expletives. Instead, I put the disc into the player and up pops Vin Diesel’s face. That’s certainly one way to ruin the mood. Unless he’s behind a car spouting off macho cheesy lines. Then I don’t particularly care. Sense my annoyance that xXx wasn’t as advertised. I don’t even remember any boobs! Well other than Vin Diesels. That poster is misleading also but as far as I’m concerned I’d have left that one on the shelf.

Finding Dory

Movies with Misleading Titles

The animation sequel to Finding Nemo has me lost for words. The entire movie is actually about Dory finding her parents, not about Dory’s parents finding her. Then again Finding Dory’s Parents doesn’t have the same title ring to it.

Baby Driver

Movies with Misleading Titles

God, I loved this movie. Absolutely loved it. But at no point during this entire movie was an infant driving a car and that would have made this movie even better. A little infant at the wheel with sunglasses on and listening to music through some earbuds. Ah, that would have been epic! Check out our Baby Driver review HERE.


Movies with Misleading Titles

The title says it all. A freight train out of control, speeding without brakes or any method known to man to slow it down. Forever racing along the tracks for eternity leaving destruction in its wake as it flies through crossings, causing mayhem as it goes. That’s until Chris Pine and Denzel Washington come along and well, stop the train. Not so unstoppable now is it?

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