My Geek Box May 2018 MCM Comic Con Edition Review

My Geek Box May 2018 Review

Alongside ZBOX at MCM Comic London stood the MyGeekBox stand. As part of a deal, the offer was a ZBOX and a My Geek Box for £10 (£5 each). Unable to resist I went ahead and purchased both but instantly the differences between the two became apparent even before the box was opened.

The ZBOX had some considerable weight to it whereas My Geek Box felt empty with an ever so slight rattle in the box when shook. Not filling me with much confidence I got home, turned on the camera and well, my suspicions were confirmed. This box was horrific.

Inside MCM Comic Con London 2018 My Geek Box

Shrek Forever After Pinocchio Keyring – RRP £6.99

My Geek Box May 2018 Review

I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw the price of this item on the internet after the video was shot. A staggering £6.99 for a keyring. I’m not sure what’s worse. Having something that heavy on a keyring or paying that much for a keyring in the first place! Either way that’s the price of the box covered if albeit a rather stupid item.

Finding Dory Micro Lite – RRP £2.96

My Geek Box May 2018 Review

This Finding Dory mini torch was amusing for all of 5 seconds until it went straight into a drawer never to resurface again. Another cute but ultimately pointless item.

Marvel Shoelaces – RRP £2.99

My Geek Box May 2018 Review

An unusual little inclusion here. A nice way to spruce up some old shoes or add some Marvel swag to your best pair of sneakers. Not a bad item whatsoever. Something a little different that’s for sure!

Star Wars Key Covers – RRP £3.99

My Geek Box May 2018 Review

Give those rusty old keys the gift of the force with these Star Wars licensed key covers. Nothing says style quite like inserting your keys in BB-8’s ass.

Box Cost – £5

Box Worth – £16.93


I felt as thou you definitely got good value for money with the box once the prices were added up. However, when you look at the items as a whole, nothing really stands out. It all seems a bit tacky, a bit pointless and it just comes across like a lack of effort. I don’t know, maybe I’m being a little harsh but I just can’t see value in this box despite the overpriced licensed merchandise inside it.

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