New Clip Released for ANON starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried

ANON Sky Cinema

Due for release May 11th we have a brand new clip to show you from the upcoming film ANON starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried.

In a modern world where advanced biosyn implants mean everyone is subjected to a relentless visual stream of information they call the ‘Mind’s Eye’, privacy and anonymity as we know it has vanished. With everyone’s personal information on public display and each person’s life recorded down to the millisecond, personal information is downloaded to a vast grid called ‘The Ether’, a database which law enforcement can access and use to prosecute criminals.

The film revolves around Sal Frieland (Clive Owen) who is faced with numerous murders which seem to be linked. The catch with this particular story is that the killers aren’t discoverable on The Ether. Sal encounters a woman similarly with no identity (Amanda Seyfried) and the mission begins to find someone who doesn’t technically exist before they kill again.


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