New Red-Band Trailer and Poster Released for The Predator

The Predator Movie

Yesterday we were treated to not only an awesome poster for Shane Black’s The Predator, but we had the joy of receiving a Red-Band trailer to go with it!

The gruesome poster shows a Predator holding another Predators head with his spinal cord still attached! A gruesome kill indeed if albeit a bit spoilery. It’s clear to see that a Predator has killed another Predator and this would have been cool to witness on screen for the first time rather than it being spoiled in a poster. But that spoiler aside, the poster looks incredible. It reminds me of the old Jason Goes to Hell artwork with the vibrant colours and all out insanity attached to it!

The new red-band trailer depicts a stronger breed or Predator, much evolved than the creatures that hunted our world in the past. The arrive on earth ready to kick not only human ass but inferior Predator ass too by the looks of it!

The Predator is set to hit theaters on September 14

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