No One Lives.. and he means it !

NOLuk-2D-2On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 23rd Sept. 2013

The acclaimed director of “Versus” and “The Midnight Meat Train” concocts a bloody cocktail of the horror, thriller and action genres, and introduces audiences to a brand new horror icon in this smart and totally unpredictable shocker.


Driving across country while relocating from their previous home, an unnamed man and his girlfriend, Betty, stop for food at a remote roadside bar/diner deep in redneck country. A minor run-in with a member of a ruthless criminal gang based in the area leads to the couple being taken hostage and installed in an abandoned farmhouse. But all is not as it seems. When Betty is unexpectedly killed and a shocking discovery is made in the trunk of her car, the tables are dramatically turned when the true identity of her boyfriend is revealed. Soon, the gang members find themselves up against a smart and urbane, but equally ruthless and fearless killer, who adheres to a terrifying personal motto.


It doesn’t feel all that long ago when I was watching Luke Evans in Fast and Furious playing the bad guy, but this film starts off with him and his partner on the road moving away from home. He genuinely  seems like a nice guy, from an audience perspective he’s an easy enough guy to relate to.. not for long thou however. Luke’s character is kidnapped and as he looks helpless as he watches his girlfriend’s death, the switch is turned on and the fun begins.

Introducing perhaps one of the biggest horror twists in recent years as Luke’s character and personality is role reversal and as a result now initiates the film to play out like its on steroids! This unsuspecting guy goes from an easy going, normal down to earth guy, into an incredibly smart, incredibly lethal and straight out crazy psycho killer! The kills in this film are immense, the film hits you with some crazy well thought out death scenes, and one scene in the film really shows the madness of Luke’s character as he emerges from inside a dead corpse !

Its Insane !!

The story line flows smoothly and the thrill ride continues for the rest of the film, the killer’s motto is that no one lives, and he really lives up to that name. If you love gore, smart horror and a film that defies the linear logic of horror films then this one is for you!

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