Sadly More Sex and the City Than A Heist Movie: Ocean’s 8 Review

Oceans 8

It’s been a whole 11 years since the original Ocean’s trilogy and this time around we’re kicking off proceedings with a twist. Ocean’s 8 is swapping casino heists for a swanky Met Gala robbery as Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) sister of the now deceased (apparently) Danny Ocean puts an elaborate plan into action. The heist involves stealing a famous Cartier ‘Toussaint’ diamond necklace worth $150 million. With the help of her friend Lou (Cate Blanchett) and a newly recruited team of petty thieves and computer hackers. The heist commences.

My little description above is sadly where the element of surprise ends with Ocean’s 8. I’ve never seen such a predictable movie and to have a film so predictable as a heist film makes it fals incredibly flat when the credits roll and that’s rather sad.

Oceans 8

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With a heist there comes unpredictable events. Plans change, people nearly get found out, diversions are created, nothing is ever as easy as the original plan makes out. Ocean’s 8 forgets the obstacles that would naturally take place during a heist. The girls make a robbery of a $150 million necklace at the Met look as easy as stealing an extra gummy bear at your local pick and mix stall.

Cameos a plenty stretched out of a long predictable plot, Ocean’s 8 doesn’t feel anything like it’s predecessor in anyway shape or form. If nothing of note is happening on screen in a heist movie, then what on earth is the point of making the movie in the first place.

Ocean's 8 Review

So whilst the plot and script are about as predictable as England’s chances at this years World Cup we have one saving grace of the entire movie. The cast.

Sandra Bullock is charming, steely and determined. Cate Blanchett looks absolutely breathtaking in her role as Lou and stands alongside Sandra in portraying that steely professional criminal vibe. Those two together are incredibly strong on screen and then Anne Hathaway is thrown into the mix and the movie solidifies immensely. Granted, the cast are working with a very mundane script but it’s the chemistry of the entire gang that keeps me hooked from start to finish.

Ocean's 8 Review

Anne Hathaway plays a character called Daphne Kluger, an actress that will be used as the mark for our criminal gang as she is to be dressed in the very expensive Cartier necklace at the gala. Helena Bonham Carter channels her inner fashion designer as she is in on the con as the dress designer and is tasked with arranging the necklace for Daphne (Hathaway) to wear during the event.

Aside from the above mentioned names, Rhianna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Awkwafina didn’t really have much time to shine which was an awful shame. Mindy Kaling’s usual one liners weren’t utilised, Sarah Paulson’s diverse range of acting was crushed down into a suburban mom who doesn’t really do a great deal in the film. Rhianna is a computer geek who is easily upstaged by the gadgets themselves (including a very cool necklace scanner and replicator) and Awkwafina plays a petty thief who just can’t steal my interest.

Ocean's 8 Review

It’s same to say that whilst Ocean’s 8 isn’t the greatest film to be released this year but you can’t deny the amount of fun these wonderful actresses are having on screen. Anne Hathaway is in her element, almost having too much fun with her character and everyone else is just taking in the moment as these female powerhouses dominate their scenes. It’s just a real shame those who had smaller screen time didn’t have their own chance to shine as bright as that Cartier necklace.

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