Own Your Very Own Chucky Doll With Trick or Treat Studios

Chucky Doll Trick or Treat Studios

Chucky is back and he’s going to be your friend till the end with this incredible Chucky Doll replica from Trick or Treat Studios.

Thanks to a brand new Kickstarter campaign you can own your own officially licensed 1:1 scale Child’s Play 2 Chucky Doll. But this isn’t just some cheap replica, oh no. This will be the most screen-accurate doll ever produced using screen used molds and replicated actual screen used swatches of clothing. This wireframe doll will be surrounded by soft flexible foam giving you the freedom to pose it however you like!

Chucky Doll Trick or Treat Studios

Naturally, the Kickstarter campaign has been a huge success having raised $417,7930 of their initial $100,000 goal. Now introducing stretch goals including stickers and keyrings. But it’s IF the campaign hits 500k that things get interesting. At 500k a replica voodoo knife will be created to go along with your brand new Chucky doll and if they hit 750k then your very own good guy will come in it’s own box. A box developed straight from one of the screen-used originals!

Chucky Doll Trick or Treat Studios

For a pledge of just $500 (£350) you can own your very own doll. Trust me when I say this. That’s a bargain! The second the campaign ends and these go on general sale (potentially) in the future rest assured that these original dolls will soar in price and would make a wonderful investment for any aspiring horror fan.

Chucky Doll Trick or Treat Studios

My finger is hovering on the donate button and the campaign only has 17 days left. Grab a doll before it’s too late and get your very own friend till the end.

For more information visit the Official Kickstarter page.


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