Power Rangers Blu Ray Review (2017)

Power Rangers Review

Being a 90’s kid I grew up watching Power Rangers. I was obsessed with it and even went and had power ranger gloves for Christmas. To my brothers regret as a right hook caught him right across the face about five seconds after I put them on, all caught on a video tape I still posess to this very day. Even Floyd Mayweather would have been proud of that particular hook.

The Power Rangers franchise has branched out into many varieties of TV show and spin offs but now there is a movie and it’s out now on Blu Ray and DVD and I’m happy to say, It holds true, it stands up well and it’s AWESOME!

Saban’s Power Rangers tells the story of the origins of the five teenagers from Angel Grove who must group together and save the earth from the evil Rita Repulsa who will ressurect Goldar (a monster made of gold) to find a crystal buried on earth which will give Rita ultimate power. The Power Rangers must learn their abilities and save the world before it’s too late.

Power Rangers Review

The movie starts out with some serious nostalgia but at the same time feels fresh, new and reimagined. The costumes are different, long gone are the funky gadgets that transform the rangers. The costumes are now hidden within the rangers bodies that only mental focus and a special bond can unlock. Quite a strange method of unleashing your inner superhero, but whatever. I dig it.

Power Rangers opens up to the group of original rangers who take their last stand on earth before being destoyed by Rita Repulsa. The red ranger in the flashback scene was Zordon played by Bryan Cranston. We are suddenly capapulted into present day where we are introduced to our new rangers. Even thou they don’t know it yet. Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Billy (RJ Cyler), Zack (Ludi Lin) and Trini (Becky G.).

Power Rangers Review

Power Rangers kept me hooked from start to finish. A mix of college humour, wacky outcast friendships and the film never dropped off in excitement or engagement for one second. I was hooked, I was loving it and my inner red ranger was punching and kicking inside me the whole time. The only downside to this movie for me was just how weak Rita Repulsa was. Don’t get me wrong Elizabeth Banks was amazing playing the character, but the character wasn’t really developed in terms of story and physicality. She was never scary. Just a chick obsessed with gold. The character could have easily been played by Kim Kardashian and probably would have felt more imposing. Rita is not the badass she once was but her minion Goldar was a stone cold thug.

My oh my does this movie look good on Blu Ray. We’ve just had a new 4k TV and it looked insane! The Blu Ray also boasts a brand new Dolby Atmos sountrack and even thou my current setup is 5.1 it still sounded incredible. It somehow made my system sound better than ever before and more immersive. My local theatre hasn’t updated to Dolby Atmos yet but when they do I can’t wait to go and check it out in a theatre environment. Not a great deal of content sounds good on my TV but that, that was something else!


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