Premium Rush (2012) Review


Premium Rush is super-fun trash, a preposterous and slick B-movie from 2012 that moves at an ultra-brisk pace, never slowing for its ludicrous plot to be scrutinized (think Quicksilver on large doses of meth) with Michael Shannon bugging his eyes and cackling with glee as a sadistic cop, going so gloriously over the top that he comes back around again. This is a live-action Looney Tunes cartoon come to life, with star Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeping the whole thing together, pedaling like a speed demon as a NYC bike messenger who gets mixed up with the wrong package on the wrong day with the wrong set of movie-movie bad-guys. Along with co-scripter John Kamps, big-gun screenwriter and occasional director David Koepp (The Trigger Effect, Stir of Echoes) clearly had a low-budget blast with this throwaway item, and in tandem with cinematographer Mitchell Amundsen (Transformers) and editors Jill Savitt and Derek Ambrosi, cooked up a dizzying time-waster that’s always enjoyable when caught in mid-stream or from the top.

Review by Nick Clement