Prop Store Cinema Poster Auction

Prop Store Cinema Poster Live Auction

With every movie comes props, costumes, cast, and movie magic. But one aspect of a movie that is usually widely overlooked to non-collectors is the poster. The key marketing material that sells the movie and over the years we’ve had some absolutely incredible works of art. Prop Store have looked into a way of creating the ‘ultimate collection’ with an opportunity to own some of cinema’s greatest posters.

Prop Store Cinema Poster Live Auction

The Cinema Poster Live Auction will present not just any posters, but carefully curated collections of rare, high-quality posters and original poster artwork from around the globe – with some of the content in the auctions having never been offered publicly before! 

Prop Store Cinema Poster Live Auction

When I was out in Los Angeles I went to meet with Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund. He had this vintage Asian poster for Nightmare on Elm Street that took my breath away. It may have been the only one in the world. It was beautiful. Since then, I’ve always had a higher appreciation of movie posters. Quite a lot of them are admittedly ‘cookie cutter’ nowadays but the older films had the right idea. There are some true greats!

Prop Store Cinema Poster Live Auction

Prop Store partners with veteran poster experts Mike and Chris Bloomfield to curate and catalog all poster lots to the standard that Prop Store clients are accustomed to seeing. And like all “ultimate collectibles”, posters carry the mind-soothing power of nostalgia – and Prop Store looks forward to bringing you some outstanding offerings this summer.

The collection will go on public display at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo on June 22.


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