Pub Supper July Review

Pub Snacks, in a box, in the post, sent to your door. The Great British public just couldn’t ask for much more!

This UK only subscription service sends out a special selection of premium, pub-inspired bar snacks that provide some unique flavors. Missed a trip to the pub? not to worry Pub Supper have you covered and you don’t even have to move off your armchair.

pub supper box review

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Pub Supper for sending me this box. After trying each and every wonderful item in the box I must say I was thoroughly impressed if albeit I was a step closer to diabetes and a potential heart attack. The salt content on some of the snacks was astronomical it really was, I couldn’t believe my eyes when certain snacks had over 5g of salt in just one small packet. Tread with caution guys, it certainly isn’t a healthy food box that’s for sure!

From beef jerky to pretzels and everything in-between I rather enjoyed the diverse range of snacks that Pub Supper had to offer. What would be even better is if a small can of unique beer, ale or cider was included to give that complete pub supper experience.

Priced at £14.95 Pub Supper is good value for money and gives you something just that little bit different.

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