Rest In Peace LoveFilm


I’m honestly suprised that LoveFilm has lasted this long with the introduction of streaming services. Today Amazon announced that it’s DVD and Blu Ray rental service LoveFilm is set to close down.

In an email sent out to it’s subscribers it bidded a fond farewell to it’s customers and said that the customers increasingly transitioning to streaming services is the sad cause of their closure.

It is really sad to see. I used to love going down to my old VideoPark and renting a film. When that closed down I used to love having titles arriving on my door step to watch. There’s just nothing like holding a physical copy of a movie rather than an online digital window that plays your movie. Yes you can have a digital movie collection but you take one look at your DVD collection all huddled on it’s shelf and you can’t tell me that’s not beautiful. All the varities of artwork, some signed DVD cases that you got once from somewhere, limited edition boxsets and those special edition versions of the films you love. Pulling a box set of Aliens out of a replica Alien head will always be more satisfying than clicking a button on a damn streaming service.

The laziness of our generation astounds me and we wonder why society as a whole is collapsing in terms of our face to face interaction with one another. It’s hard enough to get people to lift their heads out of their mobile phones, tablets and away from TV sets! But that’s a whole other rant for a whole other day.

R.I.P LoveFilm

A great service that will be sadly missed. Access to some amazingly wonderful titles and a company that will most likely be missed by those who prefer the old fashioned way of watching a movie rather than this distant, modern love of digital cinema.


Goodbye LoveFilm. I’ll miss you buddy!

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