Sean Evans LIVE TV Appearance on Extra Butter

I felt weird even typing my own name in that title (look at me, look at me!) but you’re here now, reading this and that’s all that matters. Hey!

So I had the honour of being asked onto US TV talk show Extra Butter. An Emmy award-winning show that talks about movies the way we all talk about them with our friends and family. It’s a brilliant show featuring interviews with Hollywood’s top talent and is hosted by my American brother from another mother Mark S Allen.

I was asked on the show to originally talk about IT and my opinion of the wonderful 80’s inspired modern classic but on air, we had a little switcharoo and I ended up talking about Thor: Ragnarok. A film equally as amazing in every sense of the word.

Check out my little segment on extra butter below where I talk all things Thor whilst cheekily rocking an A-BOX advertising T-Shirt. Enjoy!

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