Sharknado 4 – The Fourth Awakens Review


Set five years after the events of “Sharknado 3,” a pulse device has been invented by a billionaire that are rendering sharknados a thing of the past, but once a sandstorm hits Las Vegas and tears through a brand new shark inhabited hotel, this leads to another shakrnado killing spree on our hands.

So I’m back again, sitting infront of my laptop watching another sequel to a movie franchise that should have ended a long time ago. What started as a nolstagic throwback to cheesy creature feature horrors of the past, is now an over-saturated, making sequels for quick cash project. The original novelty has well and truly worn off in this flick and although I can can dis-engage my brain and have a good time, I really have seen it all before. But that’s the crazy thing with Sharknado, they could make 20 more of these and i’ll still watch them, it’s about as addictive as crack without the side effects. I’m a sucker for a shitty movie!

Image via SyFy

Image via SyFy

Sharknado is famous for throwing in actors who are in need of a good career pick me up and the fourth awakens doesn’t disappoint with it’s fair share of mid-level / upcoming celebs. It does have a few suprise big names thou including Corey Taylor, Tom Jones, Jay DeMarcus and Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil.  Many other YouTube, reality TV stars, wrestlers and musicians all make an appearance and while I can appreciate the Independent film spirit of a ‘family’ atmosphere, the cameo’s just get a little too saturated and we all know it’s just another credit on their resume’s. No amount of days on the set of Sharknado, should be considered ‘work’, it just looks TOO fun!

Many Star Wars jokes are on display here and who would blame them after naming the title after the most successful Star Wars movie of all time. Starting straight off the bat with a homaged star wars introduction, the scrolling text and sci-fi music echoeing in the opening, to lightsabers and movie quotes as the film goes on. Throughtout the movie the references to cult films is about as saturated as the celeb cameos, the cheesy FX and the terrible acting. But whilst you think that the writing so far has been negative, it’s because this series is exactly that. Utter shit. But utter shit that I can binge watch, kick back, drink a few beers and have a good time with no matter what’s going on, on screen.

There’s no way any critic on the planet can review this movie, there can be no in-depth evaluation. It can and will always be confined to the bargain bins and it’s devoted cult followers around the world, but Sharknado is built upon the two words that Hollywood has aspired too for the majorty of it’s existence, and that’s these two words. Shit sells.


As soon as you swim through the absurd, backstroke through the crazy and breaststoke some strange (hehe) Sharknado still manages to find heart in the craziest of situations, it’s as thou for a split second it forgets about the flying sharks and insane plot and has a heart to heart with the characters and with the watching audience. It’s kinda twisted, kinda abnormal but also kinda awesome.

So whilst Sharknado The Fourth Awakens will not be picking up any Oscars any-time soon it’s one movie that no matter how bad it gets, you just have to admire the crazy filmmakers, the crazy script-writers and everybody involved who just wants to step away from the norm, and create a homage to all things batshit crazy.

You go Sharknado! But please don’t make a fifth.