Shizbag June 2018 Review

Shizbag Review

Same Shiz, different month. It’s June time and that means a whole new pile of shiz has landed on my doorstep!

For £9.99 you can enjoy your very own licensed T-Shirt and a comic book every month. Last month the two T-Shirts and two comic book subscription was priced at £14.99 but this has been increased slightly to £16.99 (still a great deal regardless). Overseas shipping has also changed so if you live outside of the UK make sure that you check their website for updated pricing.

June Shizbag Unboxing

Items in our Shizbag included:

June Shizbag review

This grumpy Groot Infinity War T-Shirt was a nice addition. Certainly not the most colourful design but with Groot being a favourite character of mine it more than made up for the bland colours!

June Shizbag review

A DC Comic of The Atom Countdown Special. Quite a fun little read. The first ever DC comic i’ve ever read and only the third comic i’ve ever read.. ever! I’m quite the comic noob.

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