Skyscraper ‘Die Hard’ Inspired Poster Released

When the first posters and trailers were released for skyscrapers there was only one movie that we all thought it could be compared to. The iconic (and unbeatable might I add) Die Hard. Whilst Dwayne has been shying away from comparing the movie to Die Hard the filmmakers themselves said it was an inspiration (well duh).

But this poster released earlier today shows you exactly what an influence it was:

skyscraper film poster

and now take a look at the original:

skyscraper film poster

Whilst most people would get angry at the blatant replication of the poster I feel this stunt was more in jest at the criticism the film has received rather than a genuine poster release.

We’ve already had numerous posters released for the movie already so it’s nice to see a little bit of humour in there with everyone on board admitting exactly what inspired them to make this particular movie.

More Skyscraper Movie Posters:

Skyscraper is due to be released in cinemas on July 13th 2018.

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One Comment

  • Karen says:

    I not entirely sure about this one myself, being a big fan of Die Hard I may have to give this one a miss or go into the screening with a very open mind lol.