Stormtroopers (Short Film) Review

stormtroopers short film

Starring Carolyn Bracken, Peter Cosgrove, Klancy Casey Williams, Micheál Fitzgerald, Michael Stack & Melissa Ciepierski Stormtroopers is a simple story about a group of Stormtroopers who are about to raid a rebel mining outpost.

Stormtroopers Short Film Review

Written and directed by Micheál Fitzgerald Stormtroopers demonstrates strong complex female characters mixed with a very high production value to create a rather unique Star Wars experience.

Stormtroopers Short Film Review

For once we are placed within the heart of the Empire as we see behind the scenes and into the eyes of the Stormtroopers that are all so often hidden behind their masks. I feel a sense of empathy in some weird way towards these Stormtroopers as they are as nervous as the rebels for what lies ahead.

Stormtroopers was filmed in Ireland on location in Cork, Waterford & Tipperary and the scenery on show here is breathtaking including some beautiful drone shots. The cinematography is wonderful and it makes up for some questionable CGI in places (especially on the AT-AT). I think the original Star Wars movies had the right idea by using models for the most part instead of CGI. It has a rawness and realism to it that just cannot be matched by digital effects.

Stormtroopers Short Film Review

The only downside of Stormtroopers for me were the actors who played the rebels. Unfortunately, I couldn’t believe that they were in any danger at any point as they never conveyed this at any given stage with any certainty or believability and their acting felt rather flat which was a shame as the build-up to the beach scene was palpable.

tormtroopers Short Film Review

Aside from that little niggle I really enjoyed this short film. It’s made with love and such high-quality that it’s a very impressive to witness. Such action, tension and fear crammed into a short space of time. A real testament and enjoyment for Star Wars fans across the galaxy. As far as fan-films go it’s certainly better than Rogue One!

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