Terrifying Trailer Released for The Nun

The Nun Horror Movie
Prepare to pray for forgiveness. We are delighted to share with you the terrifying teaser trailer and first poster for The Nun, the chilling next chapter in The Conjuring Universe from director, Corin Hardy.
Starring Oscar-nominated Demian Bichir (A Better Life), Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story), Jonas Bloquet (Elle), Charlotte Hope (Game of Thrones), Ingrid Bisu (Toni Erdmann) and Bonnie Aarons, reprising her “Conjuring 2” role as the title character. 

I’m not usually a big fan of olden days style horror. It doesn’t usually keep me gripped and watching the trailer I’m like nope, not scary, boring, boring then boom a jump scare and I’m screaming like a little girl. We all know this movie is just milking The Conjuring franchise but I’ll give it a chance. It may surprise me!

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