The Amazing Mystery Box MCM Comic Con Review

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

I certainly wasn’t lying when I said I went on a subscription box manhunt at MCM Comic Con this year. I picked up ZBOX, Geek Gear, My Geek Box and of course, my new favorite The Amazing Mystery Box.

After reviewing the first box I was sent a few weeks ago I was blown away by the value of the box. A box priced at £19.99 at the convention (add £5 for shipping if you’re ordering online) had a contents value of just under £60. An absolute steal of a box with some great quality items lying within. Without hesitation, I went to find the stand at the convention, spoke to Steven at the stand and purchased a box on the spot right there and then. Eager to get it home and unboxed I quickly did everything I needed to do at the convention and was looking forward to seeing what goodies lay in store for me this time around.

Let’s see what we had inside and as always underneath the video, I’ll be posting each individual item and their usual retail prices.

The theme of this particular box was Superhero. I had a choice between that, Star Wars or Dr.Who so for me, naturally, the choice was an easy one although now come to think of it I would have loved to have had one of the Star Wars boxes too!

The Amazing Mystery Box Contents:

Wolverine Munny – RRP £10

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

This DIY make your own Wolverine kit is a very hard item to find here in the UK. Every Google search sent me to US sellers that were charging over the odds for shipping. The cheapest I could find this particular item for at the time of this review was £10.

Batman Harley Quinn T-Shirt – RRP £9.99

A Batman Harley Quinn T-Shirt easy takes us up to £20 which equates to the value of the box. Now we’re just cruising into profit city.

Batman Pen – RRP £1.99

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

Whether you’re signing your car insurance documents for that brand new Batmobile or simply sketching pictures of Catwoman this Batman pen was one of this boxes throwaway items.

Justice League Action Series Mini Figure – £1.99

This Justice League Action Series figure came in a blind bag and I was pleasantly surprised to not only find Batman in my blind bag but to find a very detailed little mini figure with such a bargain price.

Spiderman 3D Air Stickers – RRP £1.99

I’m still not quite certain of what these stickers could actually be used for so until I find a use for them they’re just going to sit all pristine in their comfy little plastic packaging.

Black Widow Diecast Metal Civil War Figure – RRP £10.49

Just when I thought the Munny and the T-Shirt were the only two pricey items this die-cast metal figure emerged. Incredibly detailed and an item so well made that I’m looking for an Iron Man one as we speak. If anyone at The Amazing Mystery Box is reading this please put one aside for my next order. Please.

Avengers 3D Lenticular Stickers – RRP £2.10

More stickers but they’re forgivable as the other items in the box are just blowing my tiny mind right now!

Justice League DC Mighty Mini Figure – RRP £2.62

Another blind bag and this time we had Cyborg from the Justice League movie. But wait, there’s more!

Marvel Notebook – RRP £4.99

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

I’m not sure I want to be touching this notebook with my newly acquired Batman pen but as an individual item, it’s pretty damn cool. I was very surprised by its retail price, quite expensive for a notebook.

Justice League Harley Quinn Mug – RRP £6.99

If all the other items we’ve received weren’t enough for you then we have a Harley Quinn mug to add to the collection. But wait, there’s more!

Guardians of the Galaxy Backpack – RRP £6.99

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

If the kitchen sink wasn’t enough then maybe this awesome Guardians of the Galaxy backpack will do the trick.


Box Cost – £19.99 (Comic-Con pickup)

Box Value – £60.15

Once again The Amazing Mystery Box blows the competition out of the water with an outstandingly good value for money box. The mug, figures and the T-Shirt alone would have been a wonderful box but these guys once again took it to another level with more superhero goodies.

I still haven’t found a company that provides a better value for money!

Grab your very own Amazing Mystery Box today at –


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