The Amazing Mystery Box Review: Geek Goodies For A Bargain Price

I’ve always been a fan of geek boxes. The thrill of unboxing something that could contain just about anything in the world is a great experience. Every time I walk on by the stalls at comic con it’s so difficult to restrain myself from picking up every mystery box on every stall. A good 99% of the time you pay over the odds for items that are mediocre at best so blind-box purchases are always a risk. But a fun one.

I came across a company that I’ve seen quite a few times at various comic cons and decided to reach out about reviewing a box. They instantly replied and decided to send me one in the post and three days later it was on my doorstep with the words The Amazing Mystery Box scrolled across its cardboard exterior.

The Amazing Mystery Box claims to offer the best value for money of any mystery box but naturally, as always, I was skeptical. Quite a lot of these boxes all claim the best value for money until you open them and that claim is instantly proved false. With this box being free thou however my ‘best value for money’ was already looking positive. Unless I opened the box and then it was empty. Thankfully it wasn’t.

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Priced at £19.99 (+£5 shipping) this box boasts some of the best items I’ve ever seen in a subscription box with a value that far exceeded the price someone would pay for the box itself. Let’s take a look at what’s inside!

The Amazing Mystery Box Contents

DC Originals Flash T-Shirt (RRP: £9.99)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

The first item out of the box was this awesome Sheldon Cooper esque Flash T-Shirt. Officially Licensed and great quality!

Star Wars Vader One Size Socks (RRP: £6.99)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

I was pleasantly surprised to find another wearable in the box. After scouring the internet I couldn’t find any licensed Star Wars socks for less than £6.99 so I’ve added this price point as a guide. I’m pretty sure you can get cheaper licensed socks in stores but as far as online goes, £6.99 was the best I could find for these!

Peter & Chris Family Guy K’NEX Figures (RRP: £8.99)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

These K’Nex figures are great and with them being Family Guy I couldn’t ask for much more. A great addition to the box!

Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad Card Holder (RRP: £2.32)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

This card wallet was being sold for £6.99 on some websites. How crazy is that?! But Amazon has this cool little card holder for a bargain price.

Captain America: Civil War Cushion (RRP: £5.46)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

I was expecting this cushion to be selling for way more than it currently is. Usually, anything with a Marvel tag on it commands an inflated price but this little polyester cushion is a steal and it’s so damn comfy!

Joker Plushie (RRP: £15.99)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

I couldn’t quite believe how much this plush toy was being sold for online. Its either rare or there is something valuable hidden within it’s stuffing. Wow..

Ted 2 Talking Bobble Head (RRP: £9.99)

The Amazing Mystery Box Review

This bobblehead is awesome! With phrases from the movie preprogrammed everytime you flick his little Ted head. You can’t go wrong with this little foul mouthed item.

Box cost – £24.99 including shipping 

Box Value – £59.73

As you can clearly see that price is astonishing. Nearly triple the value of what you would pay for the box! Naturally, with sales and other items in clearances and online sales the prices of the individual items will change in the future but as it stands that’s the best prices I could find for each item. I throughly reccommend The Amazing Mystery Box. It lives up to its bold name and provides some solid items for a bargain price.

Thoroughly impressed and I’d highly reccommend!

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