The Child’s Play Reboot We Never Wanted

So not long after we hear news that a Child’s Play TV Show is in the works which is a pretty awesome concept we get news that doesn’t sit well whatsoever. The Child’s Play movie is being rebooted by MGM.

Collider says that their sources are telling them that Lars Klevberg will direct and Tyler Burton (Kung Fury) will pen the script. In all honesty I couldn’t care less who’s attached to it as I don’t think i’ll be watching it.

The reboot has been in the pipeline for sometime but I don’t think MGM have quite thought about the ramifications of rebooting a franchise that is by all accounts still moving forward after the unique and quite brilliant movie that Cult of Chucky was and the upcoming TV show to boot.

It’s a reboot that no one wants or no one cares about. Universal Pictures holds the rights to the home video segment of the franchise so the TV show is in good hands but MGM has full cinematic control. Great. With that said licensing around the doll could also be an issue so MGM may have to change the look of our beloved killer doll and if you change Chucky, you change the franchise. Change the franchise and you’ll piss of a whole load of horror fans. Me included.

I think studios forget that the fans can make or break this movie and if I know Chucky fans. This movie is going to go down harder than a Chuck and Tiff sex scene.

We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more!

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