The Force Awakens Review


The tickets are flying off the shelves, the popcorn is stacking up higher than the tallest tower, the cosplayers are strapping into their plastic armour and parading down to their local cinema. The force has awakened and its the start of erasing the memory of the prequels from existence.

The magic of the original trilogy is back, from the fighting scenes, to the fly by of an X-Wing, every piece of Disney magic you’ve seen in the past created with the nolstagia of the Star Wars franchise is here in full IMAX glory, but at the same time the movie echoes an almost carbon copy plotline of the A New Hope. Could this be the easiest sell of all time? Re-create a classic, twist some bits around and re-brand as a new installment?


With that said however my mouth was still drooling, and my eyes wide open not wanting to miss a single frame of this movie, I feel right at home the moment the old beloved cast appear, Harrison ford back as Han Solo, Peter Mayhew hiding until the incredibly hairy Chewbacca costume, Carrie Fisher and more all bringing back the intensity and spellbinding awe that the films did some 30 years ago, but I suddenly realize why I like it so much, I’ve seen it all before..

The film deals with the old characters very gently, bringing in depth and background but at the same time a clear passing of the torch to Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is in full effect, each one of them putting in amazing performances of wit, humour and entertainment, three perfect characters excellently written within the script. Kylo Ren the new sith of the empire played by Adam Driver pulls off what not many actors have done before him, creating an intensity behind a mask. Kane Hodder (Jason), Dick Warlock (Michael Myers) and many others whom talents shone through their masked faces, Adam Driver joins this elite list as Kylo is so dark and disturbing but his darkness is short lived.

Once his first scene has come to an end, Kylos character deteriorates exponentially, he becomes weak, unscary and even has doubts about himself and the balance of the force, for a man who is looking to succeed Vader’s work, Kylo is about as scary as a teletubbie.

The weakness of this badly written character is evident when fighting two unexperienced characters who have both never had any such jedi training or even so much as held a lightsaber before, Kylo looks weak as he struggles against two amateurs and at this point in the story the whole effect of a strong highly skilled sith is all but lost. The dark side used to be cool, what happened? Is this really the best sith you’ve got?

Kylo Ren

The early reviews are loving Star Wars The Force Awakens thus far, perhaps the nolstagia is just slightly bias towards hyping this movie up to be better than it actually is because as a whole I was incredibly disappointed once the pure awesomeness of seeing the original cast had worn thin. Don’t get us wrong The Force Awakens is a true testament to JJ Abrams and his team and is without a doubt the best Star Wars movie since the originals, but it’s similarities to the original, it’s blatant stealing of character arcs with gender role reversals and it’s lack of depth is appalling. See for yourself but it may take you some time to crawl out of the huge plotholes that the movie constantly digs itself in this play it safe 7th installment, but the box office speaks for itself, create a new installment, identical to the original, throw in some new bits along the way and we have the biggest Hollywood ‘subtle remake’ con the world has ever seen.

Beam me up out of this plothole scotty!!