The Fun Box May 2018 Review

The Fun Box May 2018 Review

The Fun Box is the first Italian monthly box based on geek culture. They’ve been operating locally since June 2016 and as of June 2017 opened the doors to the world as they send geeky goodness across the globe.

What struck me about The Fun Box is that they are based in Florence. The place where my late grandmother used to live and I thought this had some sentiment to it so I reached out, asked for a box and low and behold one arrived today on the doorstep.

The Fun Box Unboxing

This months theme was Invincible. This could have been absolutely anything related to superheroes, TV, Anime, you name it but I did know for sure that a Deadpool item was going to be included as this was announced on social media.

Priced at €37 (around £34) the box is a little on the expensive side in comparison to other boxes but that can only mean better items… right?

Let’s take a look at what we received in this months box!

The Fun Box Contents

Justice League Superman T-Shirt – RRP £9.99

The Fun Box May 2018 Review

A very nice quality Justice League T-Shirt it’s just a shame it’s DC. Yup, I said it. Nevertheless a cool Superman logo design and as they only had a men’s small t-shirt to send me it fits me like a gym top!

Space Marine DOOM Pop Vinyl Figure – £9.99

The Fun Box May 2018 Review

A nice little pop vinyl figure from the game Doom. Not the most detailed POP Vinyl I’ve ever seen and it gives me eerie Master Chief vibes but still a cool addition to the box.

Marvel Comics Deadpool Mug – £6.99

The Fun Box May 2018 Review

Life is now complete. A Deadpool mug. All I need are some chimichangas and tacos and I can die a happy geek.

X2 Mega Construx Saban’s Power Rangers – RRP – £7.58 (£3.79 each)

Nice of The Fun Box to throw in two Power Rangers blind bags. These Mega Construx figures are a little fiddly to put together but they’re okay I guess. I can’t justify paying £3.79 for them thou I just can’t..

One Punch Man Mousemat RRP -£5.39

The Fun Box May 2018 Review

This is probably my favourite item in the box. It’s as practical as it is hilarious and it’s very colourful which makes zero sense as it’s literally black, white and skin-tone! A great addition to the box and a perfect embodiment of the word Invincible. 

Box Cost – roughly £34

Contents worth – £39.94

All in all, not a bad box. I wasn’t a big fan of the Power Rangers figures but other than that I thought the box had a nice diversity but I wished the items had more value. It’s always nice to break-even for your money but most people expect just that little bit more. I have a sneaky feeling you can probably find that mousemat for cheaper than the price I saw it selling for online. That would bring the total even close to its retail price.

I think my opinion of The Amazing Mystery Box and their value for money is still firmly solidified in my mind but if you want something quirky, spontaneous and fun then you can’t go wrong with The Fun Box!

Order your very own Fun Box today at –

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