The Griffins visit Springfield


Recently we have all now been introduced to some fooatge of the Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover.

San Diego Comic-Con is the gathering place of some of the most dedicated geeks on this planet, and those people managed to get to see this footage exclusively.

Family Guy’s panel brought this footage to us all, and it’s caused an explosion on the internet.

Possibly one of the most exciting events to happen in recent times on TV, the creators of both shows have now shown that they have made peace after years of digging at each other.

In a few of these scenes there are jokes that are related to their relationship, the beer joke for example.

But with Bart and Stewie prank call scene that also shows their difference in humour.

This has been a love and hate thing over the internet, whilst most people are excited for this, some fans have been left worried because of the difference in humour incase the writing goes to one side of the crossover rather than the other.

The video so far seems to be mainly fixated on Family Guy’s writing style, which with The Simpsons is rather strange to see at first, but fans should be alright with it.

Now that it has been released to the world, we get to have a sneak peek at the video.

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