The Hands Resist Him Trailer

The Hands Resist him a story revolving around the infamous Hands Resist Him painting created by William Stoneham that is steeped in mystery and suspicion. The painting is supposedly cursed with all of those who come across it meeting an early demise.

A trailer has been released by Director and Writer Darren Kyle O’Neill in the hope to turn this rather intriguing promo into a feature film. Check out the promo below and lets hope that this wonderful and unusual story gets the attention of Hollywood.

The promo shows upcoming actress Mae Morgan playing the role of Patricia Leyden, Independent film star Phil Gwilliam playing Daniel Leyden who starred along side Doug Bradley in the short film A Hand to Play, young actress Kat Fowler and a host of upcoming Independent talent.

With a very American voice over that adds to the gritty and disturbing vibe of the promo, this is one film to look out for in the near future.

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