The Hooligan Factory

HFTHE HOOLIGAN FACTORY, a laugh-out-loud comedy tribute to one of Britain’s most successful home-grown genres, the football hooligan movie, will be kicking and punching its way into UK cinemas from June 13th 2014. Produced and starring Jason Maza (Shifty, Rise of the Footsoldier) THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY lovingly spoofs The Football Factory, Green Street, The Firm and many more and is directed and written by Nick Nevern (The Sweeney, Mrs Browns Boys D’Movie) who also stars.

The film tells the story of Danny (Jason Maza), who wants something more from life. Expelled from school and living in his Grandfather’s flat, he longs to live up to the image of his estranged father ‘Danny Senior’. Meanwhile legendary football hooligan ‘Dexter’ (Nick Nevern) is about to be released from prison and is on a quest of his own, one of vengeance against his nemesis and rival firm leader ‘The Baron’. But when Danny’s and Dexter’s paths cross they embark on a journey as old as hooliganism itself.

“We are doing this film as a way of celebrating the genre.” Says star and filmmaker Jason Maza “I do think the time has come to celebrate how well-made the original films were. Football is something people feel very passionate about and can really relate to. Football is a way of belonging.”

“This film has been made with real passion and appreciation for football violence movies,” adds director Nick Nevern. “If we didn’t love these movies: we couldn’t have made this film”

THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY is written by Michael Lindley and Nick Nevern, directed by Nick Nevern, produced by Jason Maza and stars Nick Nevern, Jason Maza, Tom Burke, Ray Fearon, Steven O’Donnell, Morgan Watkins, Josef Altin and Keith- Lee Castle.

Released in cinemas June 13 2014 by Altitude Film Distribution

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