The NES Club

downloadNow Back to the Movies is obviously a movie related site but when the opportunity came up to work on this gaming documentary it was impossible to turn down !

So the film follows Jay Bartlett as he has 30 days to find all Nintendo released NES games – All 700+ of them !  A cross country journey of EPIC proportions and they need YOUR help, if your a retro gaming fan, pawn stars fan, american pickers fan then this documentary is straight up your street !!


The rules are simple: 

– 30 days to collect every NES game, WITH NO ONLINE PURCHASES ALLOWED!

– Jay has to use his own funds to acquire every game

– Jay has to at least acquire all the official recognized games by Nintendo

– Rob gets to film everything! (YAY!)

To help Jay track and maintain his new collection will be Mike Froussios, a longtime friend of both Jay and Rob who has an equal love of gaming, game history and gaming culture in general. Jay and Mike will beat the street of their local town then beyond and into the WILD as Rob rolls the camera and directs his crew to capture every aspect of the hunt. With 30 days and limited cash in his wallet, Jay and Mike will have to strategically find the best way to reach their target of 700+ games!

Interview with Director Rob McCallum

Sean Evans interview about Marketing and PR on The NES Club