The One to Rule Them All: Avengers: Infinity War Review

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After filming a VLOG at Cineworld Stoke, I was given two tickets to see Infinity War. So much hype has surrounded this movie and because of that, I’ve built this film up in my head to be the one film to rule them all! As the embargo on the press reviews were lifted my hype meter was sent skyrocketing. Variety, Empire, The Verge they all absolutely loved it, and everyone else too for that matter! I kept a level head as I strolled into my midnight screening not knowing that when those credits rolled two and a half hours later that my mind would be blown by sheer awesomeness and my initial ‘one film to rule them all’ expectation was met and exceeded!

Unlike EVERY other press outlet out there who have written a Goblet of Fire length review of the movie, I’m going to try to summarise the scale of this movie down into a much more digestible review.

A rollercoaster of emotion on a galactic scale that my mind still cannot comprehend even after the credits roll. So much happened and yet there was still adequate time focused on each character in careful detail and their relation to the task at hand. The main concern for many fans was that the number of characters would become too much to handle and that the film would neglect some (if not all) of the sum of its parts.

I’m pleased to say that even thou this film is two and a half hours long it still felt as thou every character linked to the main story had their story told. Some more than others granted but that was to be expected. The only character I thought was left out near enough entirely was Black Widow who plays almost a bit part character amongst the chaos.

infinity war review

The beauty of Infinity War is the careful dedication and tribute paid to the filmmakers who have brought the franchise to this very point. When we’re in space the film feels like a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, when we’re in Wakanda we feel reborn into the Black Panther movie and that’s no mean feat. A lot of love and care has gone into honouring previous movies and paying a beautiful homage to the films look and feel. A rather sentimental tribute to the cast and crew who made those movies possible.

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Before watching the movie I highly recommend a trip to the bathroom and whilst you’re there, grab many tissues. Trust me, it’s going to get emotional. Rondu in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 emotional. Be warned Y’all. Never and I mean never, leave your seat. You will miss something very key to the movie. I sat through the entire thing and still feel as tho I’ve missed bits along the way. Every single frame is integral to the story.

The second the movie begins we are thrown into a much darker Marvel Cinematic Universe as they weave an evilness on a scale we have never witnessed before. Take everything you know about your good vs evil storyline and burn that shit right now!

infinity war review

This movie starts strong and continues to build much like the collection of infinity stones on Thanos’ glove. Josh Brolin puts in the performance of a lifetime. When you’re watching a CGI character you never feel connected to them unless the actor behind the character delivers something transcendent. Brolin puts in such a performance that Thanos almost becomes human in my eyes. His reasoning, his emotions and his motives can all be relatable to a degree and for the first time in a superhero movie, we have a bad guy who’s justification for his actions actually make reasonable sense.

Many critics named Killmonger as one of the MCU’s best villains (Yeah, I laughed when I read that too) but move aside man. There’s a new badass on the block and no one and I mean no one will even reach the level of performance or dominance that Thanos brought to the table. I’m still in awe, it was as beautiful as it was heart-wrenching.

infinity war review

Blink and you’ll miss something. Avengers: Infinity War is the Marvel film to rule them all. It’s the textbook re-written. It’s the Empire Strikes Back of the Avengers movies. I can’t see how a sequel can even match up to the level of what I have just witnessed.

Many years have led to this moment and the ending may leave a few in disbelief,  a few in tears, maybe even a few who will now seek solace in watching very dark DC movies…. ok maybe nothing THAT extreme. But you see my point. It’s an incredibly divisive piece of cinema. Roll on the endless YouTube videos, blog posts and on-going discussions about this movie for a very, very long time.

infinity war review

Infinity War feels very much like a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. I say this because Thor still has that Ragnarok humour and Black Panther is still so fresh in our minds that it plays a significant role in this feature. It feels much closer to home than Age of Ultron which now feels like an eternity ago. The Guardians of the Galaxy provide our comedic relief with Drax, Quill, Rocket and a teenage Groot all on-point giving us some much-needed laughter. Infinity War is so serious, tense and dark in tone (easily the darkest one yet) so in order to get us through, the comedy is very much welcomed.

Marvel has always set a benchmark for other companies to match. Infinity War just set the bar so high that it’s genuinely untouchable.

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