The Rift

Directed by 20 year old Robert Kouba The Rift tells the story of strange radar anomalies that appear across the globe. The rifts are moving and something is behind them, watching, waiting.

So first of all I was a little skeptical in taking a look at this film, the film poster looks great but I honestly thought, what the hell could a 20 year old know about making films.  Turns out it was quite a lot ! The Rift builds up great suspense and atmosphere in the opening trailer, there is a sneak peak at what monsters are lurking behind the rifts also which added to the excitement of me wanting to watch the film. The special effects in this film are far more “Hollywood” than the films $20,000 budget might suggest but the effects seem to blend in with the films overall feel and it all flows naturally without fault.  The storyline for me needed thickening out but the eye catching effects and suspense it made up for the lack of story within the film.

Robert Kouba has created a great little Sci Fi film and I look forward to what projects he’s working on in the near future. We caught up with Robert and gave him an interview regarding the rift so.. check it out !

Trailer for The Rift