The Rock On His Razzie Awards Win

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to deliver a rather humble acceptance speech for a Razzie award. The Golden Raspberry Awards celebrate Hollywood’s worst films and performances and Dwayne picked one up for Baywatch. Funnily enough, they had to make a new category for the movie the ‘So Bad You Loved it’ category. I can’t argue there. I for one loved Baywatch and all of its insane cheesiness.


“The new category is a movie so rotten, you eventually fell in love with it, which means the shit sandwich you have been eating is so bad that you eventually started to like it. We made Baywatch with the best of intentions, it didn’t work out like that,” he explains in the video.

“Look, at the end of the day, movie so rotten you eventually fell in love with it, that’s just the way love goes,”

The Emoji Movie won four of the 10 Razzies this year, including the worst picture award and that shit sandwich deserved it!

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