The Seven-Ups (1973) Review

the seven-ups review

The Seven-Ups, from 1973, was producer Philip D’Antoni’s first and only directing credit, after overseeing the classic Hollywood productions of Bullit and The French Connection. He recruited Roy Scheider once more for movie cop duty, this time having him lead a team of four New York City detectives who are assigned to track down criminals whose crimes are punishable by at least seven years in jail. They don’t want Billy down the street for smoking a J-bar – they want the big boys. This film isn’t on the level of The French Connection, but it’s not trying to be. It’s just a solid actioner with strong suspense, 70’s style violence, a great car chase that was photographed on the streets of NYC and not on some CGI-assisted sound stage with real cars crashing into each other, shoot-outs, and lots of cop-talk and jocular banter that’s tons of fun to listen too if you like this cinematic milieu.

Review by Nick Clement

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