The Wedding Ringer Review


The Wedding Ringer Directed by Jeremy Garelick, and written by Garelick and Jay Lavender the team behind the 2006 comedy The Break-Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.

The story revolves around Doug (Josh Gad) so hopelessly caught up in his busy work schedule that he doesn’t have any friends to be his best man or groomsman when it comes to his upcoming wedding with the bride to be Gretchen (Kaley Cucuo-Sweeting).

Doug needs a best man and fast so he enlists the services of best man for hire Jimmy (Kevin Hart), Jimmy is the best friend that money can buy, kitting Doug out with groomsman, a stag doo and a best friend service that just cannot be matched.


Jimmy is given an alter-ego by the name of Bic Mitchum, an army priest who has grown up with Doug and been with him through the best and worst of times. This background check is revised over and over again by Doug and Jimmy until it is set in stone but is instantly put to the test in an almost interrogation like manner when it comes to a family dinner, resulting in hilarious consequences.

A solid start for comedy in the year of 2015 and The Wedding Ringer is no exception, the chemistry between Doug (Gad) and Jimmy (Hart) starts off slow but gradually evolves as the story progresses. A very slow burning start to their bromance starts to culminate in true friendship by the start of the third act.


I do feel that Josh Gad could be easily replaced in the movie thou however, the chemistry was strong between him and Kevin by the end, but there was that extra spark missing at the beginning which made the idea seem inconceivable. As the plot grows thicker, the development of the dialogue and their friendship seems to improve greatly.

Kaley Cucuo plays the spoilt brat prom queen who throughout the story provides a great annoyance, but thankfully her role is relatively a background role until the third act so this didn’t pose too much of a problem. Kaley really needs to step out of her Big Bang Theory typecast and play a more complex role other than ‘the girl next door’ or the ‘I get by on my looks’ type of characters, I’m sure she has the ability to play more complex characters but nothing of any note is worth mentioning from this particular movie.

As the story moves on Doug is introduced to the strangest group of hired groomsman I’ve ever seen. Almost instantaneously the groups chemistry grows into an almost fraternity brotherhood. Not long after the group get together the movie becomes a laugh a minute comedy with Kevin on point throughout.

Memorable highlights of this movie include a stag do, a certain scene involving a dog that will have every guy in the audience grabbing between his legs to make sure everything is OK, and finally a fantastic ballroom dance scene as Doug and Bic attend a wedding to get rid of the pre wedding jitters and rock the dance floor to a fine array of disco themes.

Many jokes within the movie have been seen before in various other movies which is a shame as it softens the blow so to speak. A few jokes are taken straight out of American Pie and Old School along with all those frat boy comedies we all know and love but with Kevin Hart at the helm, the jokes seem to really hit home and still provide a great comedic relief.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad;Affion Crockett;Jorge Garcia

Kevin Hart over shadows every single cast member in this movie and shows his true acting capabilities other than the funny stand up comedian we all know and love from TV. From comedy to heartfelt speeches, Kevin really delivers in The Wedding Ringer and without him involved in the casting this film would of been tossed into bargain bins across the world.

One of Kevin Hart’s strongest performances that transforms The Wedding Ringer into a very enjoyable comedy movie that had me laughing time and time again.


Last but not least another highlight to look out for was the last line of dialogue in the movie, one of Doug’s groomsmen is none other than Lost Alumini star Jorge Garcia, and the final line of the movie adds the cherry on the cake to a fine 101 minutes of comedy.

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