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From Producer Ridley Scott and based on the shocking, true events of March 13th, 1997 comes the alien invasion movie Phoenix Forgotten.

When several mysterious lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 they came the inexplicable phenomenon known as ‘The Phoenix Lights’. Still, until this very day the phoenix lights remains the most famous and widely viewed UFO sighting in recorded history.

Phoenix Forgotten tells the story of three teens who went into the desert shortly after the incident, hoping to document the strange events occurring in their town. They disappeared that night, and were never seen again. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of their disappearance, unseen footage has finally been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition. For the first time ever, the truth will be revealed…

This found footage style Horror was Written and Directed by Justin Barber, Written and Produced by T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner) Produced by Ridley Scott (The Martian) and Mark Canton (300).

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My Early Thoughts on this UFO Movie

Phoenix Forgotten has a trailer reminicent of a paranormal Blair Witch Project. Unusual happenings, unexplained events and cool found footage effects make for an interesting trailer. Certainly nothing we haven’t seen before but it was certainly the more interesting found footage trailer I’ve seen. From the trailer it seems as thou the film doesn’t heavily rely on gore and the best types of Horror and Paranormal flicks thrive on projecting the unknown to us. Making us ask questions every step of the way and keeping us on the edge of our seats until the film reaches it’s climax.

When released in April of this year, Phoenix Forgotten grossed $1.8 million in its opening weekend, finishing 11th at the box office. Quite an impressive achievement for a film of this nature. Let’s be honest, we’re not going to have another Paranormal Activity insane box office success on our hands.

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