Time Junkies 90s Time Box Review

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

Fed up of giving away the same vouchers and gifts every year to your friends and loved ones? Want something different for a change? How about giving someone the gift of the past.

Time Junkies are a UK company who have put together various memorabilia boxes guaranteed to give you a blast from the past. Choose a decade (the 70s, 80s or 90s) and for the reasonable fee of £24.99 a box will arrive at your door packed full of nostalgic treasures. Every box is different and boxes are catered for both male and female customers and contain around ten items per box.

Time Junkies were kind enough to send me a box to review and being a 90s kid there really wasn’t any other decade in mind that I’d be interested in receiving.

Take a look at the video below for the full unboxing:

So as you will see in the video what I loved about the box is that when you look at the items as a collective it has a certain magic to it. It brings back those feelings of chilling at home watching Kenan and Kel on Nickelodeon or being on the playground swapping Pokemon Cards with your buddies.

As far as nostalgia goes you just can’t beat it. The only niggle that I had was from a pricing perspective as I couldn’t justify a £24.99 cost for the items that were contained inside. Nevertheless the pricing factors in the time it took to source the items and with this item being predominately a gift for someone else then and only then I can justify that cost. It’s a small price to pay to bring back some happy memories to someone you care about.

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

In other news I’ve been told that a Back to the Future box is on its way as part of their specialty box range so crossed fingers I can get my hands on one of those to review!

Time Junkies 90s Box Contents

U2 Batman Forever CD

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

This CD contains a U2 song used in the movie Batman Forever starring Val Kilmer. A nice little nostalgic album but we all know that Seals ‘Kiss from a Rose’ was the staple song for Tim Burton’s wacky DC adaptation.

Andy Cole 1995 England Football Figure

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

A legend of English football we have this Andy Cole England figure from 1995. Oh, how I miss Cole and Yorke upfront for Manchester United. Those were the days!

In The Line of Fire VHS Packed Full of Retro Sweets

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

I was slightly disappointed that a VHS tape wasn’t included (Even thou I couldn’t play it anyway) but the sweets were a welcome addition. My tummy enjoyed them very much!

Goosebumps Book

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

This has nostalgia written all over it. This Goosebumps book written by R.L Stine was the definition of my childhood. The engrossing TV shows mixed with books is a true 90s throwback. Absolutely loved seeing this almost as much as when I saw them for the first time way back when.

Pokemon Cards

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

Sadly only Poliwag was the original Pokemon Card from the 90s in this particular line-up. The rest of the cards are from the more recent additions (the year 2000 onwards). They dropped the ball on this one I was a little disappointed but it was nice that Poliwag was in there at least. Representing the 90s!

90s Movie and TV show Trading Cards and Postcards

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

From Godzilla to Jurassic Park to The Simpsons we had an assortment of trading cards. These were pretty cool and we even had full-size postcards from various movies that aren’t pictured in this particular line-up. Time Junkies were also kind enough to throw in some 80s cards also to mix it up a bit!

Assorted Pogs

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

Two Robocop Pogs and more varieties to choose from. I have a feeling I still have a couple thousand of these hidden in the loft somewhere. I may need to venture up there at some point on a Pog rescue mission!

Go, Go Crazy Bones

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

When I first saw these I hadn’t got a clue what they were and then about 20 minutes later, boom. Go, Go Crazy Bones how could I forget you! Any trip to a local newspaper shop would have these lined up waiting for you to take them home.

Garfield Comic

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

This Garfield comic was an addition to my particular box as I was doing a review. This Garfield book is another item from the 80s and it was in great condition considering its age!

Shoot! Annual 1993

Time Junkies 90s Box Review

Even now I’m still collecting football sticker albums and playing Fantasy Football with my friends. This Shoot! album from 1993 is full of all sorts of information from the football leagues including national team information too!

In Conclusion

Time Junkies is a wonderful box that catapults you back in time without the need for a DeLorean. A present just out of the ordinary and one that is to be met with a warm fuzzy feeling inside by whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Visit https://time-junkies.com for more information and use code 2018NEWCUSTOMER to save 10% off your first order!

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