Top 5 Romantic Movie Scenes

We all adore a bit of romance and love, it’s why we watch romantic films to start with. But what are the best romantic scene that will send your heart pounding? We have made a list of beautifully romantic films that will make you want to run out into the rain and find that person you’ve loved for all these years.

Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs

Sarah (Diane Lane) is a recently divorced pre-school teacher who finds love most unexpectedly. The story starts when Sarah’s friend posts a profile of her on an online dating site to get her out and about again. Just as you could do with and have the whirlwind relationship Sarah experienced. She goes on several completely disastrous dates until she meets Jake (John Cusack) who is also recently divorced. The pre-requisite for Sarah is that her date must love dogs, as you could tell from the title. The two have a rather tumultuous relationship, that works out in the end.

The most romantic scene within Must Love Dogs is the final chapter in which Sarah realises that Jake actually loves her. She desperately tries to find him, until she realises he is out fishing. In a desperate attempt to tell him she knows how he feels she convinces a group of girls to sail her out to him. In the end, she dives into the water and swims to the boat, where she tells Jake about her love for him and the two share a passionate kiss. It’s a heart-warming scene full of love and character, it’s a brilliant film to watch, especially if you’re thinking of online dating.

Love Actually

top 5 romantic movie scenes

Love Actually is an all-time favourite romantic film of mine and I just can’t resist mentioning it within this list. Love Actually follows multiple stories across the Christmas period who all have one thing in common, the search for love. Their journeys lead them through different paths and ultimately to love, in whatever form that may take.

My favourite romantic scene from Love Actually is tragic and heart-warming at the same time. It is when Mark (Andrew Lincoln) declares his love for Juliet (Kiera Knightley) via poster boards. It is incredibly heart-felt, and the worst part is they can’t be together. You can sense the love and lust they have for each other, but it can never be. It reminds us that sometimes love can’t conquer all, but it’s no reason not to try.

The Princess Bride

top 5 romantic movie scenes

The Princess Bride is a truly classical film, both within the romantic genre and throughout film-kind. The camp nature of the film, combined with a superb love story and a journey of vendetta makes The Princess Bride a well loved film by all.

The most romantic scene in this multi-faceted film is when after the two lovers, Westley and Buttercup are torn apart from one another, they are reunited when Wesley disguises himself. Slowly Buttercup realises that this is the man she loved, who she believed to be dead, it’s a beautiful and subtle moment in the film with true heart and purpose.

Say Anything

top 5 romantic movie scenes

Say Anything is an absolute classic when it comes to the romantic genre, once again featuring the one and only John Cusack. Say Anything is a wonderful tale about two young lovers who are kept apart from forces beyond their control, family. The aspiring boxer, Lloyd (John Cusack) falls for the valedictorian Diane (Ione Skye) at their high school graduation. The two share a beautiful bond that slowly grows more intimate throughout the film.

I imagine a lot of people will already have guessed the scene as it is that iconic, it has been repeated in various films and TV shows as a display of love and affection towards someone’s partner. Yes, we’re talking about John Cusack standing outside Diane’s window, boombox held high and playing the song, they made love to. It’s an incredibly beautiful scene, showing Lloyd’s true affection towards Diane and his unwillingness to give up on the love that they have.

Romeo and Juliet

top 5 romantic movie scenes

No romantic list would be complete without Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet. A tale ultimately of woe and despair where the two lovers end up committing suicide. It is not a romantic tale in itself, but the interactions between Romeo and Juliet are that of infatuation and complete, overwhelming desire. I’m sure everyone knows the tale by now, Romeo (Leonardo di Caprio) falls for Juliet (Clare Danes), his rival family’s daughter.

To me the most romantic scene is where they have first met at the Capulet’s costume party and they spy each other through the fish take. It is the inherent danger and flirtation that is exuded excellently from Leonardo di Caprio that will make you hot under the collar.

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