Trailer Park Shark Bites Down On The Cult Genre

Trailer Park Shark

It seems as thou a Sharknado movie may be made every single year for the rest of our lives. Or, well it certainly feels that way. You’d think that Tara Reid would be fed up of seeing sharks by now, but no. She’s back and starring alongside her fellow American Pie alumni Thomas Nicholas, fighting a shark in a trailer park.

Directed by Griff Furst (Ghost Shark, Lake Placid 3) the movie will get it’s first screening in August on the SyFy channel. Slated for a US release only at the moment as part of the upcoming Shark Week schedule. No UK release date has been announced but hopefully I can check it out somewhere and get a review written.

trailer park shark

I love crazy shark movies. I do complain a lot about Sharknado and its ability to constantly keep dragging us along on more brain numbing rides but it’s become a yearly tradition now. Where you have to watch a new crazy shark film. It’s nice to just disengage your brain and have a crazy good time without taking it seriously. It knows how stupid it is, embraces it, rolls with it and doesn’t look back.

The movie also stars Dennis Haskins, Carrie Lazar, David Kallaway, Ritchie Montgomery, Rob Mello, Clint James, Ali Eagle, Lani Sarem, Isaiah LaBorde, Josh Whites, Elise Berggreen, Lulu Jovovich and Sophie Howell.

trailer park shark

Stay tuned for more updates and that eagerly anticipated UK release date and trailer. There’s nothing like a shark in a trailer park, as long as it doesn’t go dark. When it’s dark, you have no idea if the shark is boarding an arc to get close. What if a shark did bark? Then you’d hear the mark of a stone cold killer in the dark. Quite the remark is that of the shark, as we embark on our journey. So off we go, to hunt the shark, in this dark and dreary trailer park. I really do amuse myself sometimes.

Whatever happens with these guys and the trailer park shark. It will make for one hell of a band camp story!

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