We take a trip to Slam City

slam city dvd Your favourite WWE Superstars face their greatest challenge yet…finding day jobs?

When a mysterious masked villain called The Finisher takes over WWE, the Superstars are all FIRED!

Now every street corner of SLAM CITY is jammed with Superstars with work to do and scores to settle. You never know where the next showdown will take place! Enjoy all 26 original episodes,

following the Superstars from their hilarious adventures in real-world employment to their quest to take back WWE. Featuring…

John Cena: Mechanic – The living embodiment of hustle, loyalty, and respect. In SLAM CITY, he works blue collar in an auto repair shop, embracing his love of cars and providing a valuable service to the community.

Kane: Cafeteria Cook – A monstrous demonic creation straight from the pits of hell. In SLAM CITY, he is employed as a short order cook in the elementary school cafeteria, surrounded by the most evil and foul creatures on the planet…children!

Rey Mysterio: Crossing Guard – The high-flying hero of children everywhere, Rey now dedicates his days to ensuring the protection of our most vital assets as they make their way to and from SLAM CITY Elementary School. He is still WWE’s giant slayer, only now, the giants are semi-trucks!

Plus – Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry and many more as you’ve never seen them before! Featuring a guided tour of the innovative, animated, fun-filled world of SLAM CITY.

This incredibly fun animated series is a joy to watch and features many shorts of animated superstars coping in the real world using very far out character references and more WWE  references than a WWE highlights reel.

I think if you’re a die hard WWE fan you’ll enjoy this animated series as if you can understand the references, nods and winks here and there its actually hilarious but if you are not familiar with WWE in depth then this may not be for you. You’ll be staring at the screen going, huh !

Its WWE fun for all the family and takes a dedicated fan to enjoy this and to pay the rather steep DVD asking price for a collection of short animations.

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