What’s in the Box?! New Web Series

As you know (or should by now) I’m very fond of prop collecting. I own production and screen used items from various productions and even have the honour of the Prop Store of London sponsoring this very website.

With prop collecting, there is always a stigma that you need to be extremely wealthy to start the hobby. With this fact being as far from the truth as you can imagine I set up this brand new web series called What’s in the Box?!

Each month I will give money to a UK prop supplier and in return receive affordable goodies in the post of which I will unbox. The webisode will contain a VLOG segment containing various film-related content before the blind unboxing begins. The idea of the show is to not only promote UK prop suppliers but show everyone at home that prop collecting can be affordable on any budget. Yes, you may not be able to afford such incredible items as a screen-used lightsaber from Star Wars for less than £100 but you will still be able to grab some cool items nonetheless.

After each episode the props that I won’t be keeping personally will go into an auction for you to grab yourselves an even bigger prop bargain to start or add to your current collection.

The show will give you an idea of what kind of items are affordable and what is more realistically obtainable rather than inflated auction prices.

Episode one comes to you courtesy of The Movie Prop Warehouse and also Cineworld Stoke. I want to thank both of those guys for helping to make the pilot episode possible and hopefully it’s the start of many episodes to come.


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