When Your FaceBook Friend is Writing the next Sharknado Film

If the title of this post is anything to go by then this gif is warranted and called for.


A guy who i’ve spoken to since he wrote The Coed and the Zombie Stoner way back when and then when Back to the Movies posted the trailer for his latest animal spoof comedy horror Zoombies we’ve come to know Scotty Mullen as a rad, wacky, random and all round nice guy.

I stumbled across a post of his the other day that said he was writing the latest in the wacky and insane Sharknado series and that made sense to me. It suits his style of humour perfectly and it’s certainly a step up from the Casting Director role that he had undertaken for Sharknado 4. I could also slate the movie left, right, centre and around in circles much like a Sharknado and no one would care, Sharknado movies are known for being the so bad they’re good movies, so as far as script writing goes, even if you screw up, you’re golden! No pressure.


Sharknado 5 will be directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will once again reprise their roles and the only information regarding the synopsis that has been released so far is that North America lies in ruins as the world prepares for a global Sharknado. Fin and his family must stop the Sharknado for once and for all.

So my wacky brother from an American mother, if you’re reading this, best of luck and may our mutual love of Steel Panther guide us to meet one day where we will sing community property in a local karaoke bar.

Best of luck!