Wootbox July 2018 Review SPACE

June 2018 Wootbox Review

Wootbox has arrived once again and this months theme is SPACE. Priced at £19.29 this particular box was set to contain Star Wars, Back to the Future and Futurama items within. Excited at the thought of having a Back to the Future item included the second this box arrived I tore it open faster than the flash on performance-enhancing drugs.

I want to express a big thank you to Wootbox for sending me a box to review in exchange for my unbiased opinion of their service.

Wootbox July 2018 SPACE contents

Bender POP Vinyl Figure – RRP £9.99

Wootbox July 2018 Review

This hilarious little POP figure makes up for 50% of the box value and I just love its simplicity! Onto the next item.

Stormtrooper Disney Mug – RRP £6.99

Wootbox July 2018 Review

Disney branded this Storm Trooper mug is a cool little item although there are mugs in nearly EVERY single subscription box at the moment. Why don’t they mix it up, shot glasses, portable coffee flasks, unique trinkets and glassware? Not a big fan of this one due to its lack of creativity.

Back to the Future II Biff Playing Cards – RRP £7.99

Wootbox July 2018 Review

As a huge Back to the Future fan, I’m probably biased in my opinion of this item but these are INCREDIBLE! In Back to the Future II Biff uses the Sports Almanac to make himself rich and opens a casino of riches and luxury whilst the town around him lives in poverty. These playing cards from his casino Pleasure Paradise are such a cool little item to own!

Halo Woodbox Exclusive T-Shirt – RRP £17

Wootbox July 2018 Review

After much searching, I couldn’t find this particular design on the internet anywhere because of its exclusivity. I’ve used the rough price of 20 euros stated in the book as a guide to the value of this particular item but prices may vary.

Wootbox Pin – RRP £1

Wootbox July 2018 Review

Quite a cool little Mars Attacks themed Wootbox pin here. No value whatsoever really but a cool addition to the box as always.


Wootbox July 2018 Review

Box Cost – £19.29

Box Value – £42.97

I rather liked this space box it had a nice range of items but with me not being a big fan of either Halo or the mug, in particular, I did much prefer June’s box. The POP figure and the cards were both awesome but the Q-Fig in June’s Wootbox still blew me away in terms of detail that Funko just can’t match.

Until next month!

Grab your very own Wootbox here – https://goo.gl/cS4r9q

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