WTF Film Review

WTF Movie

WTF is your usual run of the mill cabin in the woods teen slasher movie. But I’m going to cut this one a whole chunk of slack. This movie is a low budget indie. A movie made on a shoe string budget, yet it looks like any other cabin in the woods style movie, studio or otherwise. The Cinematography is beautiful for such a low budget indie. I opened the screener expecting to see ‘low budget’ shaky cam trash and I was pleasantly surprised.

The film revolves around Rachel, a girl whom after surviving a slasher’s slaughter of her friends is trying to price her life back together. Weeks away from graduation her new group of teen frat friends decide to go to an upscale cabin in the woods and party. Sex, drugs and isolation are the topic of the day, that is, until a killer hunts them down one by one. Once again Rachel must deal with another traumatic event taking place before her very eyes.

WTF Movie
WTF is a nice blend of comedy and horror. I love frat boy humour even if the jokes become a little repetitive in WTF. Eitherway it wasn’t dull to watch and you can somewhat relate to the characters if at times they don’t seem like the closest of friends. They seem like more of a group cellotaped together because one girl likes one of the guys in the group, or two of the guys like the same girl. That sort of fractured dynamic of friends rather than a close knit group. None of the relationships come across as belivable but the film doesn’t focus on them too heavily for it to matter.

WTF Movie

It’s far from perfect but I wasn’t expecting it to be. It’s a little all over the place at times but it’s never boring. It’s just your standard run of the mill slasher movie and hats off to the film makers for making something like this on the budget they had. A nice bit of action in the final third more than makes up for the slow start and if you love your Horror you can’t go far wrong. It has little hints, winks and nudges to films of old. A modern audience would usually command more from a movie like this. But me, being rather old school. Quite enjoyed it.

ALSO Keep a look out for the Perez Hilton cameo. Ah, I love that guy!

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