WWE Battleground 2014 Review

All the action from Tampa as Battleground enters its second bone crunching year!

Line-up includes John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns in a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

A 20 man Battlegound battle Royal featuring the likes of RVD, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto De Rio.

Y2J’s feud with the Wyatts comes to a climax as he meets the head of the family Bray.

Match line ups:Battleground2014_4


A slow build up, until some high flying action sends the crowd into raptures. Some great team work and rope work and a fine Usos performance outshines the two company demoted rejects of the Wyatt family.



Paige is batshit crazy but we love her, she’s got attitude and that is something missing from the Diva’s world. Paige is a born champion and pitting her against AJ Lee is a great spectacle. Thoroughly enjoyable, just a questionable result we feel.


I honestly wish they would just fire Rusev, the most controversial and pointless character ever added to a wrestling roster, and his annoying assistant, oh wow we just wish someone would beat her ass up. A boring match up this one, onto Ambrose vs Rollins !! Woo !



Well the match never gets started for reasons that will be made clear on the show, but what happens as a conclusion is fairly entertaining to watch. The fact is made clear that if Cena somehow wins his Fatal 4-way the current Money in the Bank contract holder (Rollins) could cash in as the authority’s plan B. There is ALWAYS a plan B.


We have made it clear time and time again we’re not huge fans of Bray, we’ve met Chris in person, we’ve been out for dinner with Chris and his band Fozzy. We’re VERY one sided on who we want to win this match. But our opinion aside, this match is quite a brutal affair, Y2J has still got it and Bray Wyatt just looks as sluggish as ever. The result is well deserved. Onto the main events !

So here we are, the last two matches, the Royal Rumble and the fatal fourway as John Cena’s stands up against the authority for all to see. We have been looking forward to receiving this title to review since we watched Money in the Bank. So much excitement for the fatal 4 way as the ring consists of Randy Orton, known as the face of the WWE alongside Cena, Kane who is partnered with the authority so controversy is guaranteed and finally Roman Reigns, the rising star, the predicted next best thing, and so it begins..



The rumble is all out mayhem of B roll stars beating the hell out of one another, there isn’t many big highlights to really speak of, dominant stand out performances by Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston but the last two men in the ring was extremely predictable as its always the same. But this time there was a pointless twist however, something new, but not a highlight to discuss.


The Fatal 4 Way – John Cena VS Kane Vs Roman Reigns Vs Randy Orton

A high tempo match that never dies down, the picture above happens so early in the match, the action speaks for itself. It never dies down, it never slows down, no one gives up, its a fine spectacle to view. Highlights include an amazing top rope almost team work like maneuver, a lap around the ring drop kicking everyone in sight for Roman Reigns, ending with a spear to Randy Orton sending the crowd into chanting mode “Holy Shit ! Holy Shit! ” . A dismantling of the Authority team leaves the match wide open and chaos ensues. 

The match always centers focus around Cena Vs Reigns as the stand out pair so it leaves a 50/50 guess of who will be the winner. I guess you’ll have to watch and find out !

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