WWE Presents: True Giants Review

TRUE_GIANTS_DVD_2D_png_290x290_q92Focused on the top giants in wrestling history. This program will look and feel like 20 mini-biographies with each feature presented by just one person, giving it a more personal and in-depth look than a Countdown.

A 2 hour feature will have 20 mini-bios and full matches included as extras. Featured giants include Andre The Giant, Big Show, John Studd, Vader, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Kamala, Gorilla Monsoon, Earthquake, and more!

A nice in depth history of some of the industry’s biggest and baddest superstars, the documentaries and historical footage provide a nice vintage tone for the set and with two additional discs of action from these 7 foot superstars, any fan of the WWE will be in their element watching these giants perform a beat down one more time.

An entertaining box set but not the best WWE collaboration title out there, my favorite documentary segments were of the Big Show and Kevin Nash discussing how they got started and their rise to fame but apart from that everything else seemed a little boring and dragged on quite considerably. The matches however are fantastic and make up for some of the dragging documentary style interviews on the first disc.

A nice collectors item but defiantly not a box-set on many people’s Christmas list this year.

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