YOU can name and star in Sandcastle Pictures latest film !





20140703133047-Death_TrippersOn July 26th 2014, Canadian filmmakers Dalj Brar, Michael Gyori and Jason William Lee of Sandcastle Pictures begin production on their Untitled Horror Feature which currently has a crowd-funding campaign through IndieGogo running to raise money for post production and marketing costs.

The untitled horror pic, in the vein of “The Evil Dead” and “Cabin Fever”, follows six friends who venture to a remote island off the Washington coast to celebrate the fourth of July.  Their expectations for a harmless weekend filled with fun and partying goes awry when one of the drugs they take spawns a terrifying trip filled with chaos and murder.  Their only hope may be a rookie detective who has been on the trail of a sadistic right wing terrorist organization that secretly engineered this bio-active drug that transforms everyone who takes it into ravenous psychopaths.


Dalj Brar produces while Michael Gyori will supervise post production and Jason William Lee will direct from his original screenplay.  After an extensive casting search, they are excited to announce newcomers Debs Howard, Danny Zaporozan, Kylee Bush, Ian Collins, Marina Pasqua and Behtash Fazlali to star.  Jon Funk is on board as special effects supervisor.

Sandcastle Pictures has already raised $200,000 in private equity financing, which is enough for them to get the film in the can.  They will be shooting through August 15th, which coincides with the conclusion of their crowdfunding campaign, which has raised almost 40% of its $50,000 goal as of this date.

  The campaign offers several great Perks including the film for download at a cost of $10, screenings in Vancouver and Los Angeles with the cast and crew, various merchandise, and even roles in the film.  Sandcastle Pictures is also offering its RED camera to shoot your short film in the Vancouver area, as well as other company services.  And for only $1, you can help them choose the name of their film.

Sean Evans of Back to the Movies (THATS US ! )  has partnered with Sandcastle Pictures to handle promotion for the Campaign which can currently be viewed at the following address:

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