Youth of Today Review – Short

What do you get when three chavs head off into the countryside in the search of big houses with lots of riches to steal?

Just desserts and a run in with the Exorcist’s Eileen Dietz that’s what!

This short film is a Directorial debut for Michelle Hands and it plays out as a very smooth, with an intriguing premise and a nice twist.

The story is based on a group of teens who find a lady stranded at the side of the road (Eileen Dietz) after her car has broken down. They escort her back to her house in the hope of stealing items but little do they know what’s in store.

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The short looks nice and instantly we’re introduced to three teens that have foul mouths, no style and if you had smell-o-vision I’m sure the ode of Burberry aftershave and beer and cheap cigarettes would be present in the room.

Straight away I’m thinking I really hope someone teaches them a lesson, and low and behold it happens!

A great little short movie, Eileen Dietz is always a pleasure to watch, a short that is never dull and a rare occasion where I’m rooting for the bad guy (in this case bad lady) to win.