ZBOX May 2018 MCM Comic Con Review

ZBOX Review

There was a whole host of movie subscription boxes on offer at this year’s MCM Comic Con in London. The sheer scale of choice was too much for one to bare. That was until ZBOX announced that their mystery boxes would be priced at just £5. The second the doors of the London Excel opened I raced through to the ZBOX stand to pick up a box.

Walking around the con I was surprised at just how heavy the ZBOX was. Praying that it hadn’t been weighed down with bricks I eagerly tore it open when I got home. Take a look at the unboxing video below to see what was inside!

With all of these videos, I just guess the rough prices of each item and weigh them up against the box cost. Below the video, you’ll find the full list of each individual item and their usual sale prices.

MCM Comic Con ZBOX edition contents:

Princess Bride Playing Cards RRP – £6.96

ZBOX Review

HOW MUCH?! For Playing Cards?! Wow! I was not expecting that price to be the best price I could find for a pack of playing cards. Nevertheless, that is the price of the box paid for with one item. Not too shabby!

Dr. Who Dalek Notepad – RRP £4.99

I’ve never seen a Dr.Who episode so this item didn’t really appeal to me in the slightest. However, it’s a sturdy notepad with practical use.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Hardcover – RRP £15.96

ZBOX Review

Sumptuously drawn by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove this Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born graphic novel is a pricey one indeed. Second hand the book was still going for around £8 but in the ZBOX we had a brand new hardcover edition that held a value triple the price of the box itself!

Dr. Who Ice Warrior Mashem – RRP £2.99

ZBOX Review

Not knowing the characters name in the video was one thing. Finding out that at most places that these mashems cost £3.99 was insane! Thankfully after some searching, I managed to find them just that little bit cheaper. Still, quite a price to pay for a piece of squishy rubber.

Box Cost – £5

Box Value – £30.90

You can’t argue with that! The prices above are the prices I found at the time of this review and as such prices may fluctuate over time. Nevertheless, a box that costs a mere £5 with six times the value inside is certainly a bargain indeed. Not every item particularly appeals to me but the graphic novel alone more than makes up the price of the box and the additionals inside were just a welcomed bonus.

You can check out ZBOX and their usual subscription service over at https://www.zavvi.com/offers/zbox.list

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